Frugal Tip: Review Your Paychecks All Posts / Making Money / Miscellaneous

Have you happened to review your paychecks in the past year?

You work hard for your money, and you deserve to keep it all (aside from taxes and deductions).  Most HR/payroll professionals are highly detailed-oriented (if they weren’t, they wouldn’t last too long in their field).  Companies also typically automate payroll processes as much as possible.  Still, everyone is human, software isn’t perfect, and errors can occur.

Have you looked at your paychecks or pay stubs lately?  You shouldn’t lose any money because of someone else’s mistake (or even your own).  Here are some of the possible paycheck errors that you should watch out for.


15 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well All Posts / Making Money / Miscellaneous

In 2014, the average starting salary for liberal arts graduates was $36,000 annually.  For millennials who are buried in student loan debt, making ends meet on a low salary is a challenge.  One way to earn some extra money is to get a part-time job, but many PT jobs pay minimum wage and have less-than-ideal hours.  Here are 15 part-time gigs that pay surprisingly well and have flexible hours.