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5 Ways to Make Money Online in 2017 All Posts / Making Money / Side Hustles

*This is a guest post by Kim Dawkins.  This post may contain affiliate links.

Today, there are more than enough online materials about making a steady side income from the comfort of your home. However, most of them are sales pitches and designed to convince readers to sign up for some training session, webinar and more.


5 Strange Things That Happen When You Blog About Personal Finance All Posts / Making Money / Side Hustles

I love blogging.  It’s interesting, rewarding, and often opens my mind to new and different perspectives that I hadn’t considered in the past.  I also enjoy feeling like I’m making a difference in other millennials’ lives.  Reading personal finance blogs inspired me to pay off my massive debt as quickly as possible and to start making better financial choices.  I hope to inspire others to make smarter choices too.


Side Hustle Series No. 2 – Pet Sitting All Posts / Making Money / Side Hustles

Hi guys!  I’m excited to share the second post in my “side hustle” series.  I’ve mentioned before that frugality only goes so far – we can scrimp like crazy, but at a certain point, it’s impossible to save more money.  This is why making more money is a crucial part of the “getting out of debt” equation. 


3 Reasons to Find an Online Side Hustle All Posts / Making Money / Side Hustles

*Disclosure: This guest post is sponsored by Studypool.

For those lucky enough to make all their ends and luxuries meet with no problem or worry, congratulations! The rest of us regular folks can attest to at least one occasion in our lives where we have been low on money or left with an unfulfilled desire to splurge on a whim.

Whatever the reason, a shortage in our finances can lead to some stressful times, and we all know stress is bad for us. Luckily enough, there are backup plans for our times in crisis.

Establishing a plan B might sound easy, but how many people could actually manage to work two jobs? Many of us have a family to support during our time at home, and others juggle a full-time job and education.

Schedules have no gaps for breathing, at times, and not many fields are open to allow some flexibility to their potential employees. Faced with these (and other) constraints, more and more people are choosing to make an extra income online. There are many advantages to choosing an internet-based job – here are the three biggest perks.

Choose Your Comfort Zone

We can all relate to the idea of being uncomfortable in one’s work space: sometimes our offices are too small, too loud or too white on the walls. Concentrating under these conditions can be tough for most, even if, with time, we can grow accustomed to our grievances. If you land an online gig, though, this would become one of your least concerns.

In order to work from the web, all you need is a strong internet connection and a computer. It doesn’t matter if you choose to buckle down into your living room’s couch, local coffee shop’s bench or grandma’s lovely den – if you can meet these two requirements you can claim that spot as your own, personal work space.

Set Your Own Schedule

Different people have different time availability throughout their day. Some are lucky enough to count on both hands their amount of free time. Others are barely even capable of catching a breath before running out on an errand.

Working online allows you to get a job that accommodates your schedule instead of asking you to accommodate yours. This way, you can make your hours work in a way that still lets you have time for yourself!

Find Your Passion

There are many talented people who are not putting their skills to work for them, but with the help of the Internet, they could do just that. Among the diverse amount of jobs that can be found online, many are directed towards specific skill sets.

Those can range from the creative – writing and designing – to the analytic – providing accounting or tutoring services. Certain sites have even specialized in some of these areas. For example:

TextBroker  – TextBroker will pay for your writing by the word. The amount paid out varies, depending on the skill level you are assigned at the beginning. (Don’t worry, you can always improve your score based on your performance once you are already registered.)

Studypool  – Studypool is a website that offers tutoring services to students with intellectual needs. Here, you can register as a tutor and share your knowledge with others. You will, of course, be rewarded for your services.

TopTal – TopTal hires freelance programmers to fulfill their client’s software needs. If you are skillful with a computer and have a knack for programming, this will definitely be the site for you. 

There are also websites that have no restrictions on the type of services they provide. For the multi-talented, sites like UpWork or Elance offers an opportunity of employment in many different fields, from within the same site. Freelancing with them will allow you to pick and choose which services you can provide to the world.

A Final Note

Whatever your reasons for choosing an online gig and whichever the site you settle into, know that the freedom that comes with the job market will not disappoint you. Though, if by all means this is not enough to convince you to give it a try, you could always think of that sweet extra cash.

No, I Don’t Want to Join Your Pyramid Scheme All Posts / Making Money / Side Hustles

My husband and I are working on paying off six figures of debt in just three short years – on entry-level salaries.  Living frugally only goes so far – we can scrimp like crazy and be frugal weirdos, but at a certain point, it’s impossible to save more.

We can only save so much, but we can always earn more.

Increasing our income is an essential part of our goal of paying off $117,000 of student loan debt in three years.  As such, I’ve been looking into several ways to start “side hustling” and increasing my income.


Side Hustle Series No. 1 – Freelance Graphic Design All Posts / Making Money / Side Hustles

Hi there, frugal millennials! I’m excited to share my first post in my new Side Hustle series. Each post in this series will highlight a particular “side hustle” (part-time job, business, or other income-generating activity). Side hustles are an excellent way for millennials to earn extra money, gain valuable work experience, and follow their passions. I hope that this series inspires you to find a side hustle that you love!

My first guest is Meriesa, who owns a freelance graphic design business.