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4 Ways to Find an Affordable Vet All Posts / Frugal Living / Saving Money

As veterinary medicine has advanced, most vet hospitals have purchased expensive equipment in order to provide critical care for seriously ill pets.  These days, it’s not uncommon for dogs with cancer or other fatal diseases to receive chemotherapy, highly specialized surgeries, or other costly treatments.


Shopping for a New Car? Here’s How to Find the Best End of Year Deals All Posts / Frugal Living / Saving Money

*This guest post is sponsored by  CO-OP Member Center, a wholly owned subsidiary of CO-OP Financial Services.

Auto makers have always had a calendar year of their own that rarely if ever, squares with the January to December calendar year observed by the people they hope to count as customers.  Model year 2017 cars are already arriving in dealership showrooms. And, though model year 2016’s may remain until the end of the year, the rallying cry throughout the industry – is “Everything must go!”


3 Things I Still Splurge On – Even While Paying Off Debt All Posts / Frugal Living / Saving Money

The hubby and I are paying off $117,000 of student loan debt in three years on entry-level salaries.   This forces us to live an extremely frugal lifestyle.  People often ask me if there is anything I do splurge on.  I rarely splurge, but there are a few things I still spend extra money on.  Here are three things I splurge on even while paying off debt.


Frugal Tip: Get a Second Opinion All Posts / Frugal Living / Saving Money

This summer has been the summer of health scares and unexpected expenses.  First, my father-in-law nearly died from a sinus infection that went into his brain (luckily, he pulled through and is doing much better now) and we made an impromptu out-of-state trip to visit Brad in the ICU.


5 Tips for Traveling on a Budget All Posts / Frugal Living / Saving Money

We all live busy, stress-filled lives, and sometimes we’re so busy that we forget to give ourselves a break.  Research has shown that vacations can help to reduce stress, stave off burnout, strengthen bonds with loved ones, and promote overall well-being.  If you’re on a tight budget, you may feel that going on a vacation isn’t possible.  Trips can be expensive, but they don’t have to be!  Follow these tips to have an awesome vacation on a shoestring budget.


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