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How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Wedding Venue All Posts / Frugal Tips / Wedding

Did you know that the average wedding in the U.S. costs a whopping $30,000?   By far the most expensive part of the wedding is the venue.  Even more “affordable” locations may charge thousands of dollars for venue rentals. If you want to drastically reduce the cost of your wedding (which you probably do if you’re reading this blog!), check out these tips for how to save thousands of dollars on your venue(s).


5 Creative Ways to Save Money on Wedding Invitations All Posts / Frugal Tips / Wedding

The average cost of wedding invitations in the U.S. is nearly $700.  This may not seem like much compared to the cost of other aspects of a wedding (there are $8,000 catering minimums?!?), but the “little” things add up.  When you’re planning a wedding on a tight budget, you need to be mindful of what you’re spending in EVERY area.  It is absolutely possible to have beautiful, high-quality invitations for much less than $700.  Here are five creative ways to save money on wedding invitations.


7 Wedding Items to Skip Completely All Posts / Frugal Tips / Wedding

The average wedding in the US costs a ridiculous $30,000.  There are many ways to cut costs on every aspect of the wedding, but there are some things that can just be skipped entirely.  Not-so-frugal friends or relatives may try to convince you that these things are essentials.

But this is YOUR day and if you’re the one paying for it, you should be able to skip anything that you deem unnecessary.  Here are 7 non-essential items to skip at your wedding.


6 Ways to Save Money on Your Honeymoon All Posts / Frugal Tips / Wedding

A honeymoon is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy time alone with your new spouse after all of the stress of wedding planning is over.  The most important part of a honeymoon is spending quality time with the one you love – it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to be a memorable vacation!  Here are six ways to save money on the honeymoon.


The Frugal Wedding: 5 Ways to Save Money on Flowers All Posts / Frugal Tips / Wedding

Wedding flowers may not seem overly expensive when you first start wedding planning, but when you consider how many different types of flowers you will purchase, the costs add up quickly.  With bouquets for the bridesmaids, ceremony and reception decorations, table centerpieces, flower girl petals, boutonnieres and corsages, it can get pricey.  The average U.S. couple spends $2,000 on flowers for their wedding.  You want your venue to look pretty, but spending thousands of dollars on real flowers that will die shortly after the wedding is not necessary.  Here are five ways to save money on flowers.


How to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy on a Tight Budget All Posts / Frugal Tips / Wedding

Budget wedding tips typically focus on how the bride and groom can save money on the big day, but what about everyone else in the wedding party?  With the cost of dresses, gifts, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties, being a bridesmaid can become an expensive gig.  Your bridesmaids may be on a tight budget too.  Your wedding day is not the most important day of their lives, so expecting them to fork over a fortune is unrealistic.  Here are some tips for keeping your bridesmaids’ expenses reasonable.


Cheap and Fun Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas All Posts / Frugal Tips / Wedding

The phrase “bachelorette party” typically brings to mind drunken bridesmaids stumbling between bars and male strip clubs.  As an introvert, I find bars exhausting (and expensive) and I saw my bachelorette party as a chance to relax/bond with my girlfriends in a quieter atmosphere.

If bar hopping and strip clubs just aren’t your thing, here are five cheap and fun alternatives.


Beware of Hidden Wedding Dress Costs: Alterations and Bustling All Posts / Frugal Tips / Wedding

The average bride in the U.S. spends $1,000-$2,000 on her wedding dress.  To me, spending that much on a dress you only wear once is just plain crazy.  When I was able to get my dream dress for only $400 (on sale from $700), I was ecstatic.

I didn’t realize then that alterations and bustling (which prevents the dress from dragging on the ground and allows the bride to move about more easily without tripping on the train) could potentially add another $300 to the cost of my dress.

That $400 dress may not have been such a bargain after all!  To avoid paying these ridiculous extra fees, here are some alternative options.


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