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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling crabby lately.

I’ve been in a funk for the past few weeks due to health issues that are causing constant pain.  For reasons I won’t bore you with, I can’t go to the doctor right now (even though I have insurance), so I have to be patient and wait a few more weeks before I can see an orthopedic doctor and hopefully start physical therapy.

In the meantime, I’ve been feeling pretty grumpy and the aftermath of the election isn’t helping my mood.  The anger and hate I’ve seen on both sides is so frustrating that I’m thinking about taking a break from Facebook.  Being surrounded by negativity can really have an impact on our moods.

So…for the next few weeks, I’m going to challenge myself to focus on the positive things in life.  There are so MANY things I have to be thankful for…both big and small. It’s the little things that matter.

Here are 50 little things that make me happy.

Pug kisses.

How excited Herbie gets when I come home.

Hot cocoa.

Playing in the leaves.

Long walks.

Warm November days (a rarity in Minnesota).


Hot showers.

10,000 lakes.


Sundried tomato bagels.

Caribou’s vanilla coolers.


Music, music, more music.


City lights.

Taking pictures.

Old friends.

New friends.

My hubby.


Cat cuddles.

Animals in outfits.


Checking items off to-do lists.

The beautiful scenery in Arizona.

Getting a text from an old friend.

Pools and hot tubs.


Planning and organizing.

Driving with the windows down.

Trying new things.



The feeling of not caring what others think.

Random acts of kindness.


The convenience of living in the suburbs.


Yoga pants.



Comfy slippers.

Going to bed early.


Encouraging each other.

Creating photo albums.

Playing board games.


What are some of the little things that make you happy?




  1. Great list! I have decided to do a news blackout. Enough of the hate and nonsense. I’m trying a lot of new recipes, looking at pretty pictures on Pinterest, reading, cross-stitching, exercising, quality time with Hubby and family, thrifting etc.

  2. Right now my favorite thing is coming home and playing with my son. He just turned one so it’s a blast to see his smile after a long day. I normally quickly change out of my work clothes and we run to the basement where we have room to run around. It’s the little joys with him that I enjoy.

  3. Books, cats, tea, walking to work…I love this idea for a post. We need more happiness in the world these days.

  4. A cold orange on a hot day.

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