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May Goals

The weather is finally warming up (we get about 9 months of winter and 3 months of summer in Minnesota), so I'm excited for May!  Some of my May goals are a bit different from prior months. One thing that has been bothering me a lot lately is that I have pretty much...

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Month in Review: April 2016

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I'm going to be changing up the format of my monthly goals and review posts.  I used to just list off all of the goals I had for the month and whether or not I met them.  I get so frustrated with myself when I don't...

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An Open Letter to Generation Z

Dear Generation Z, I’m here to tell you some things you probably don’t want to hear.  I am not your parent.  I’m not going to tell you that “you can be anything you want to be”, that you should follow your dreams, or that working hard in school is the key to a bright...

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How to Eat Clean on a Tight Budget

Several months ago, I decided to lose 50 pounds (and I’ve lost 35 so far!).  I was sick and tired of gaining more and more weight.  I knew that if I didn’t make some major changes to my lifestyle, I would keep putting on the pounds.  I started exercising 5-7 times per...

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No, I Don’t Want to Join Your Pyramid Scheme

My husband and I are working on paying off six figures of debt in just three short years – on entry-level salaries.  Living frugally only goes so far – we can scrimp like crazy and be frugal weirdos, but at a certain point, it’s impossible to save more. We can only...

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Frugal Millennial

Hi there! I’m Jen. When I finished grad school, I found myself underemployed and buried in student loan debt. I became passionate about helping other young people make smarter financial choices. You CAN achieve financial freedom – I’ll show you how.


  • My Student Loans 64%
  • Husband’s Student Loans 50%
  • Car Loan 27%
  • Emergency Fund 100%

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Checklist – How to Create a Budget

As Dave Ramsey and many other personal finance experts point out, having a budget isn’t about depriving yourself or never having fun....

Ultimate Budget Wedding Guide

The average wedding in the U.S. costs $30,000. Planning a wedding on a budget can be a major headache. Believe it or not, it IS possible to have a fabulous wedding on a tight budget.

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