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Hi there! I’m Jen. A few years ago, my husband and I were buried in $117,000 of student loan debt. Now, we’ve paid off over $100k of debt, and we’re on track to have the rest paid off by the end of this year. Join our email list to get exclusive tips on how to save money, earn more, and live like no one else.

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March Goals Update!

In February, I shared my goals for the month, which were mainly focused on health - physical, mental, and spiritual. On this leap day (happy 22nd birthday to my grandmother-in-law!), I'm making plans for March.  This month, I plan to focus more on financial and...

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My Budget Wedding

On this blog, I've shared budget wedding tips, and general tips for weddings...but I haven't shared my own wedding yet! Ben and I got married on a beautiful fall day at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  Keep reading for a breakdown of our entire budget and tips for...

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I recently shared a post called Goals Update - February 2016 on my progress toward improving my health - physically, mentally, and spiritually. My goals included: Exercise at least 5x per week (strength training at least 2x per week). Do yoga for at least 10 minutes...

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How I Turned Things Around When My Life Was a Mess

I turned 27 a couple weeks ago, and it's incredible how much things have changed since my last birthday. My 26th birthday was the worst birthday ever. Why? Because my life was a complete mess. I spent the majority of my 26th birthday sobbing into my pillow.  My mom...

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  • My Student Loans ($75,000) 82%
  • Husband’s Student Loans ($42,000) 100%
  • Car Loan ($10,000) 100%
  • Emergency Fund ($1,000) 100%

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