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Why Blogging is the Best Side Hustle

My hubby and I are working on paying off $117,000 of student loan debt in just three years (on entry-level salaries).  We can scrimp like crazy, but at a certain point, it’s impossible to save more.  That’s why making more money is an essential part of our “get out of...

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How to Earn Free Gift Cards with Shopkick

Since the hubby and I are trying to pay off our remaining $47,000 of student loan debt by the end of this year, I'm always looking for easy ways to earn a little extra money. We need to be super frugal while we pay off the debt and that means we don't get to treat...

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3 Signs You’re Ready to Start a Business

Millennials are at a unique time in their lives and careers right now. Many Millennials are starting to get the point where they’ve finished school and started careers. As they move along in those careers, they may start weighing whether or not they want to start...

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  • My Student Loans 75%
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  • Car Loan 100%
  • Emergency Fund 100%

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Checklist – How to Create a Budget

As Dave Ramsey and many other personal finance experts point out, having a budget isn’t about depriving yourself or never having fun....

Ultimate Budget Wedding Guide

The average wedding in the U.S. costs $30,000. Planning a wedding on a budget can be a major headache. Believe it or not, it IS possible to have a fabulous wedding on a tight budget.

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